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<p>#behappy #thinknow #haveagreatday</p>

#behappy #thinknow #haveagreatday

Posted 62 weeks ago
<p>Beautiful Volume lashes, handmade fans of the softest fine lashes, very comfortable to wear. #eyelashbeautydarwin #eyelashextensions #beauty</p>

Beautiful Volume lashes, handmade fans of the softest fine lashes, very comfortable to wear. #eyelashbeautydarwin #eyelashextensions #beauty

Posted 62 weeks ago
Posted 63 weeks ago

Removing eyelash extensions

Obviously the smartest thing to do is to go back to your eyelash stylist to have them removed , this is a service that takes about 10 mins and will cost about $30.

There is a fairly easy way to remove them yourself, I talk about that a bit more later. But first, did you know that you don’t need a new set every 4 weeks?  I’ve had a few ladies lately that have been to other salons who had no idea that you can just get your lashes filled in every 2 - 4 weeks.  I’ve been in the beauty industry for 30 years and have been an eyelash stylist for 12 years now, nothing surprises me too much these days.  There seems to be a lot of girls out there these days that have done a one day course in a subject and call themselves Beauty Therapists.  Please make sure that you go to someone that will educate you in how to look after your new eyelash extensions, eg, how to clean the, when to have them filled, how to have them removed and basic up keep of your new addition to your face.

If you can’t get to an eyelash salon, you can break down the glue that is attaching the extension to your natural lash in several different ways. Salt, steam and oil will all help your lashes to fall off, you could simply take some salt water out of the ocean and very sparingly apply that to the base of your lashes several times a day or alternatively make a salt solution with rock salt and warm water, also dab with oil (a good quality olive or canola oil) several times also.  A facial will help push the process along nicely due to the oil in the products used and the steamer. All of these methods will take a few days to break down the glue if the lashes where applied correctly in the first place (eg not too much glue).  These are simply suggestions, I don’t know where you had your lashes done so I don’t know if they where applied correctly.  I highly suggest that everyone just go back to their eyelash stylist for the correct procedure or you could just wait 6 to 8 weeks for your eyelash cycle to renew itself and they will all fall out with the natural lash in that time.

Happy lashes



Posted 68 weeks ago

Cleaning your eyelash extensions


Are you cleaning your eyelash extensions daily?  A lot of clients seem to think that because we ask you not to get water on your lashes in the first 24 hours that they should never get them wet.  NO, you must clean your eyelash extensions daily (after the first 24 hours of course), the good news is that it’s very easy to do.  Using a Foam oil free cleanser, massage a small amount (5-10c piece size) of cleanser onto the eyelid with a small makeup brush making sure to massage into the root of your eyelashes then rinse thoroughly with water, thats all you need to do.  Not cleaning your eye lids when wearing eyelash extensions can cause Blepharitis.


(/blɛfəˈraɪtɪs/BLEF-ər-EYE-tis) is one of the most common ocular conditions characterized by inflammation, scaling, reddening, and crusting of the eyelid. This condition may also cause burning, itching, or a grainy sensation when introducing foreign objects or substances to the eye. The overall etiology is a result of bacteria and inflammation from congested meibomian oil glands at the base of each eyelash. Other conditions may give rise to blepharitis, whether they be infectious or noninfectious, including, but not limited to,bacterial infections or allergies.


Sorry for the gross picture.

It’s not all as scary as all of that sounds and is usually easy to fix by cleaning the area as mentioned above.  You should see good results within a couple of days.  Blepharitis is basically dead skin cells that haven’t been washed away properly and so they build up on the eyelid causing itchiness and inflammation.  The dry skin can block the hair follicles making the lid appear red, maybe even swollen and sore.  Often clients with Blepharitis confuse this condition with allergies to eyelash extension products including glue, they think that because their eye is a bit swollen they might be allergic but could soon find out that with simply cleaning the eyelash base they are not allergic at all and can continue to have eyelash extension applied.

Of course if you have any concerns about your own eyelids please discuss it with your eyelash stylist and remember we are not doctors so if any problems are not fixed by cleaning then consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Happy Lashes.


Posted 68 weeks ago