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Eyelash extensions are a very popular way of enhancing your eyes.  They are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes.  The extensions are made from several different materials including synthetic and natural fibres. They are semi-permanent individual lashes that are applied to your natural lash with a specialised glue.  Lashes are applied in either individual or small clusters depending on what style the client has chosen, they are applied to all mature lashes.  The natural lash has a life of around 6 weeks and so lashes naturally fall out every day and are replaced by new lashes.  As the natural lash falls out the extensions will fall with it.  If you find one of you lashes with an eyelash extension attached to it, this is a good thing, if a fallen lashes extension doesn't have a natural lash attached this could mean that the lash has detached itself for one or many reasons, your therapist can discuss this with you.  As the natural lashes are falling out then the eyelash extensions will need to be replaced this is know as an Infill, Infill should occur between 2 or 4 weeks.  An infill will entail any loose lashes to be removed and all new naturallashes to receive a new lash extension.

Classic Lashes - .20, .15 or .12 thickness lashes

Using premium mink or silk lashes a full set of individual lashes bonded to each and ever lash with our specially formulated glue thats been created just for the tropics. They come in a variety of shapes, lengths and thicknesses.  Our consultation will help you decided which ones are best for you

Hybrid Lashes - 0.5 or 0.7 and .20 thickness lashes

Our Hybrid lashes are our most popular Full set of lashes.  A combination of  Individually hand made fans and classic lashes, a foundation of classic lashes are applied followed by fans of  2-4 very fine lashes that are picked and fanned and then applied to your natural lash.  Your eyelash stylist will hand make the fans of 2-4 lashes applying around 600 lashes for your full set. 

Russian Volume - 0.5 or 0.7 thickness lashes

Our Russian volume lashes.  Your eyelash stylist will hand make the fans of 3-6 lashes applying over 800 lashes for a gorgeous bold look. This one is not for the shy girl.

Party/Holiday Lashes 

Pre-made heat infused fans are used for this set, they are a great set for a special night out or to enjoy while you are on holiday. These eyelashes last 1 to 2 weeks, there is no need for mascara. 

False Eyelash application

 is also available, you can either purchase in store and take them home to put on yourself or we can apply them for you.